Affiliate Marketing

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L'commercial agency ACEB DIFÚSION DONOSTIA SL is a commercial agency based in San Sebastianin the Spanish Basque Country. With 25 years of experience in the trade, we strive to find and promote the most suitable products for the French and Spanish markets in order to offer our customers attractive solutions for themselves or for their clients.

The more difficult economic situation, felt in recent years in the local business, led us to seek ways of diversification to ensure the daily activity, and it is very naturally that we discovered in 2018 the internet business in affiliation, very similar to our historical activity of commercial agency in substance, but focused on the web, and therefore with development methods that are different obviously.

The Affiliate Marketing Guide

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a company rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought in by the affiliate's own marketing efforts.
This type of marketing can overlap with other internet marketing methods, including organic search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search engine marketing (SEA - Pay Per Click), email marketing, content marketing and traditional paid advertising as well.

Affiliate marketing is often overlooked by advertisers. While search engines, e-mail and website syndication capture much of the attention of online retailers, affiliate marketing is much more discreet. Yet affiliates continue to play an important role in e-retailers' marketing strategies, thanks to their niche promotion, very specific to medium-sized players in the midst of market leaders.

Our Mission

Internet affiliation is a partnership between a traffic or business contributor and a commercial site that seeks to develop its activity. The commercial site, then named Advertiser proposes a affiliate program or contract to the website or blog proposed by ACEB Difúsion to promote the targeted products of the advertiser who wishes to make his internet traffic profitable, and generate sales through his Affiliate.

The affiliate program is therefore in reality a new form of representation for ACEB DIFÚSION DONOSTIA SLon the Internet. This program describes how the affiliate will be compensated through sales commissions by promoting the advertiser's products or services.

The world is moving, changing. The impact of the Internet, of online commerce, is constantly growing. And we cannot ignore this exponential progression, which will be unavoidable for all market players tomorrow.

The main partners are important and reliable groups, national or international!

The advantage of these advertisers lies in their financial strength, the wide range of products they offer, their very competitive prices, and their exemplary logistics regarding the delivery of orders.

The objective is to create showcase sites, blogs or Sales Tunnels, and also Comparators, all of which are regularly updated, in order to propose products with a high turnover and easy to sell.

Each site can be likened to a Local Reseller on the Internet or an Online Newspaper, with the undeniable advantage that it works autonomously and automatically 24/7, without any non-competition or territoriality constraints.

The agency is developing this activity in France and Spain for the moment. The mastery of the English language will soon lead us to the Anglo-Saxon markets as well.

The Agency's work

Product Research

Thanks to a Regular Practice and a certain Mastery, we are looking for the most Likely Products to be promoted on the Internet!

The Site, Blog or Tunnel

We then adapt the Product Promotion Method, via a Website, a Sales Tunnel, a Blog, E-mailing or an Advertising Campaign!

The Sale of the Product

Once the Marketing Tool has been created and is in place, the fishing can begin. It works 24/7 without Us, finds customers and Sales are Automatic

Essential Tools for Affiliate Marketing Development

Affiliate Marketing requires some important software in order to be efficient in the promotion of the chosen products. The aspect of online communications is essential, because the Internet is anonymous and the prospect will judge the reliability of the offers submitted according to his interest, his need of the moment, but also the way the offer will appear to him at the time it is submitted. 

The manufacturing of the site will be done mainly by CRMand the two most common options are WORDPRESS and SHOPIFY. The Sales Tunnel will be built and operated via SYSTEME-IOThe e-mailing will be done directly via SYSTEME-IO  or MAILERLITE. Advertising offers us different channels to exploit, and we most often opt for promotions FACEBOOK ADS, INSTAGRAM ADS and PINTEREST ADS. The choice is made according to the product and the targeted customers.

Advertising GOOGLE ADSwhich is more expensive, can also be used.

Training, Indispensable for Mastering Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing cannot be improvised. The low capacity requirements allow as many people as possible to try, and the competition is therefore very important in this field of activity. 

Two factors will nevertheless make you successful, the first is the skills and only good qualification courses will train you in the techniques of the most advanced affiliates, the second is up to you and your persistence because many people dream of quick or immediate results, but common sense obliges me to remind you that anything good always takes time. time and requires a certain rigour and many regularity to achieve the objective.

Easy Training is the No. 1 platform in France for easy training in E-commerce, Dropshipping, Affiliate Marketing, Webmarketing, Infoprenariat, SEO or WordPress in order to create your online business with ease. 

The knowledge and theexperiencebut even more so theexpertise from Yannick DEMERSacquired day after day since 2012 on the Web will provide you with the best tools and techniques necessary to create your e-commerce shop with peace of mind.

I have personally invested heavily in many training courses, tested coaching, e-learning in many areas and with many trainers. For me, it remains the reference in this fieldThese courses are clear and completeHe is well spoken, does not forget anything and combines the theory and the practice We have a great deal of experience in this field and the results are often beyond our expectations. With him, your future skills and projects will be in good hands!

Easy Training simply remains the best option to learn quickly and well, and to master your subject!


Commercial agent

Based in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Commercial agent since January 1st 1995. 26 years of experience in representation, and 3 years in affiliation.

Creation of Websites, Sales Tunnels, Online Stores, Blogs, Product and Price Comparators with the aim of promoting Goods and Services through Affiliation.  


Spoken languages : French, English, Spanish
Based in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Freelance since September 1, 2022. 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing and affiliation.

Creation of Websites, Sales Funnels, Online Stores, Blogs, Product and Price Comparators for the Purpose of Promoting Goods and Services through Affiliation. AMAZON FBA Seller and Dropshipper. 


Spoken languages : French, English, Spanish





Based in San Sebastian, Basque Country, Spain

Freelance since September 1, 2022. 3 years of experience in Digital Marketing and affiliation.

Creation of Websites, Sales Funnels, Online Stores, Blogs, Product and Price Comparators for the Purpose of Promoting Goods and Services through Affiliation. AMAZON FBA Seller and Dropshipper. 


Spoken languages : French, English, Spanish